Financing Your Food Trailer Dream with Express Concession Trailers

Welcome to Express Concession Trailers! Located in the heart of Fresno, CA, we’re not just in the business of building quality food trailers - we’re in the business of making dreams come true. Having stood firm in the trailer industry, we understand the intricacies and challenges of starting a food trailer business. Our aim? To guide you confidently through your journey by facilitating comprehensive financing aid tailored to your needs.

Your Ambition, Our Passion

Your resolve to choose a food trailer over a traditional restaurant showcases smart, strategic thinking and an understanding of managing overheads. We salute that! Whether you’re an established food trailer business looking to expand, or a newbie with dreams of hitting the road soon, Express Concession Trailers is here to help you navigate through the financial aspects with ease.

Financing Solutions Tailored for You

We understand that the internet may present you with various suggestions regarding financing your food trailer - from depleting your savings to approaching relatives for funds. But, allow us to present you with a structured, reliable alternative. Visit SBA for a structured start or approach a bank for financing, because we’re well-equipped to work in tandem with all financial institutions. If it's suitable for you, it aligns with us too!

At Express Concession Trailers, we recognize your financing needs and have curated solutions that cater directly to our clients. Our financing options, paired with distinct companies, offer a potent solution to kick-start your food trailer business without delay. Choose to finance an entire trailer or just specific equipment - whichever path you select, we ensure you can start generating revenue swiftly.

To embark on a project with us, we require a 50% down payment, enabling you to divert your focus towards other crucial facets of your business. Our approach is straightforward: if you possess a high credit score and business management experience, qualifying for financing is a breeze.

Alternatives for Every Credit Score

Even with bad credit, or as a startup, private financing can be an ideal solution. Explore varied financing options with us, even if you think traditional funding routes aren’t your match. Although non-traditional financing may come at a slightly higher cost, the expediency and lesser bureaucratic hoops might just balance the scales in its favor.

Bear in mind, lenders seek assurance of returns, but how does it work for your benefit? Non-traditional lenders often expedite loan approval processes, sometimes within 24 hours, ensuring minimal wait times and bureaucratic hurdles for you.

Profitability: A Win-Win

A well-drafted business plan is crucial, not just for us, but also to assure your lenders of the viability of your venture. With potential monthly earnings ranging between $20,000 to $45,000, even after deducing essential costs like food products, fuel, maintenance, parking, and insurance, the net profit paints a promising picture for both you and your lenders.

Qualifying for Financing: Simplified Guidelines

Numerous factors influence financing qualifications - credit score, industry experience, operational area, and background, to name a few. But with Express Concession Trailers by your side, even with average credit scores and minimum savings for down payment, there's always a way forward. Our expertise, connection with lenders, and your enthusiasm pave the road to qualifying for financing and subsequently, realizing your dream.

Your Journey Begins Here

Your passion for food trailers is matched equally by our dedication to assisting you in hitting the streets with a top-quality, custom-built trailer. At Express Concession Trailers, your growth isn’t just observed but celebrated, as we take immense pride in every business that flourishes with our assistance.

Understanding that financial backing is the cornerstone of initiating any venture, we do not merely construct food trailers but also assist in the financing dimension, ensuring no aspiring entrepreneur hesitates to take that first vital step.

Reputed for best practices and steadfast services, our dealings with credible lenders over the years allow us to streamline the often daunting loan approval process for our clients, making it not just achievable but surprisingly straightforward!

If queries linger or you seek further information, please connect with us. Your questions regarding trailers and financing are always welcome, and we're here to assist you on all weekdays. Whether it's a call or an in-person meeting, your entrepreneurial journey with Express Concession Trailers begins here.